You are not alone 

We can help you sell your home

A & C Shortsale LLC. is affiliated with Canale Realty LLC., which is a real estate office operated by a licensed

broker and attorney.  Canale Realty LLC. can assist you with selling or purchasing a home. 

In a short sale most closing costs are paid from the sale of the home including but not limited to:  first mortgage, second mortgage, real estate commission, attorneys fees and title charges.



We are sensitive to home owner's needs. A short sale is a new financial beginning.

This does not have to be your

last home.  Your credit score is less affected by a short sale than a foreclosure. In a short sale you are paying the bank.

let us process your shortsales!

A & C  Shortsale LLC. will  hold the homeowner's hand through the entire process.  We will explain the short sale procedure, send you regular email updates and guide you through the entire process.

Closing Costs

a & c shortsale llc.